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Don’t tell Mama, recites a childhood story of two friends growing up in Greece. Memories, personal events and cultural experiences complete the recipe for an unforgettable childhood.

The Main character of the story couldn’t be anyone else other than the mother of the house. A mother that is always caring and loving for everyone in the family but at the same time, no-one can hide anything from her and every important decision made in the house has to have her permission and she wouldn’t like it otherwise.

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Being a Greek mother, hospitality is a big part of her culture as it is taught from generation to generation and mother to mother. The household was always warm, ready to accommodate and feed or treat any unexpected visitors, hence the Greek word “philoxenia” ( philos = friend + xenos = stranger ). The willingness to welcome even a stranger as a friend.

Drinks, treats and sweets were always “hidden” in the kitchen from the kids of the house, that made it the biggest challenge for them to discover.

That brings us to today and the story that Don’t tell Mama Coffee Bar wants you to experience. A place where every recipe is made with love and passion. A place that is always welcoming, with a “like home” atmosphere. A place where you can feel the fun-loving vibes and experience the mama's recipes.

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