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Meet the


Our Collab:

DNTM X Constantine.. Cup

"The Profile of Love" by Constantine..

Art Exhibition  at DNTM

05/12/20 - 05/01/21

Limited Edition Art Cup   by Constantine..

"Your Mama shouldn't know"

1.Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I am a self taught artist and author, from Athens, Greece. Ever since I can remember, as well as other artistic forms were what would occupy the majority of thoughts and time. That carried on throughout my teen years, without really having any formal education on it. During my early adult years, I came to Scotland in order to study Geology. Soon after I realised that this was not the right path for me and that I should actually pursue, what my intuition, heart and instinct was telling me, so I started pursuing an art career instead. Which was the right thing to do.

2.Why did you decide to become an artist and what are your inspirations/influences?

I always thought that being an artist was simply the way I was born. It's just effortless. It is the mean that I contribute to the world, the best. Thererfore, the decisioin was more about, whether am I going to put this into use or not. Scary at times, but it is the way it has to be. My inspirations and influences have been mainly people... folklore, perhaps is another way of describing it. Currently my work is heavily inspired by Greek Mythology.There's simply so much to it.


3.Highlight of your career and the most touching/memorable moment?

That is a difficult one to isolate. I think that every time that feels like I am getting a step closer no matter how small or big that step is. Whether that is a collaboration, or a solo project or simply a painting that I did alone in my studio that is really quite close to the image that I might have had in mind, it always feels like a highlight to me. That is rather touching and memorable.


4. If you could steal credit for any great piece of art, song, film, book etc which one would you claim and why?

That is definitely a challenging one. there have been many of the above, that I have really related to and I was like "man, I wish I came up with that." Not so much anymore though. I now tend to admire the work and try to figure out how they produced it... what was the thought process, so I can go and make my own thing, unique and original as possible.

5.What is the link connection with “DNTM” and what do you think about the “support local artists” platform?


Well originally I was a frequent customer of DNTM and eventually got to meet everyone. One day I was called in by Themis, co-owner and art director of the company, and he spoke to me about his idea on the "support local artists" platform and getting one of my paintings, to use it as the design of one of the take away cups, in a limited edition version. At the time I was working on a solo project and I thought that this could be the right one for this occasion. So we went for it! As far as the "support local artists" platform, I think it is an awesome way to have an   immediate connection with the audience. It is just one of those things that is always needed in a local community. I feel grateful for being a part of it and even more so i feel honored for taking part in it from the get go. Hopefully that will inspire more people to participate and the community will grow.

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